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Can textile enterprises return to the pure cotton age?

Edit:Jiaxing Beimon Trading Co.,LtdUpDate:Feb 09, 2019

Since the state started the cotton storage in October 2011, the domestic cotton price was in high position, and the cotton and its substitute polyester staple and price difference reached 10500 yuan per ton, and the price difference between the viscose short fiber and the viscose staple was up to 7650 yuan / ton.

Some textile enterprises in inland areas have told futures daily journalists that in order to reduce costs, they have continued to increase the proportion of other alternatives in textile products in the past few years. In addition, the impact of cheap imports of cotton and cotton yarns during the same period also made them continue to reduce the use of domestic cotton in the past few years.


The annual consumption substitution data of cotton made in China show that the ratio of replacing cotton with chemical fibre in textile enterprises by 2011 to 2013 is 30% to 60%. With the domestic cotton consumption of 11 million tons in 2011 as the base, the annual average annual decrease of textile cotton and domestic cotton in 2011 - 2014 is 20% - 30%, about 1 million 500 thousand - 2 million tons, and the annual increment of chemical fiber replacement is just between 1 million 500 thousand and 2 million tons.


In addition, according to the textile enterprises in Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places, with the change of consumption main force in recent years, the requirements for raw materials in downstream orders are also changing. "For example, home textile products, young people now have little to look at the ingredients, more emphasis on the feeling and style." The change in consumption demand has made many enterprises to develop and improve the blending technology such as Tencel, moder, polyester and other chemical fiber blended technology, which can meet the cost compression at the same time in Nantong.

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