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Spandex yarn classification

Edit:Jiaxing Beimon Trading Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 18, 2018

Stretch yarn is divided into two categories: covered elastic yarn and elastic core-wrapped yarn. The covered elastic yarn is made up of a polyester filament and an spandex. The spandex and the polyester filament are mechanically connected in the network point. Form elastic yarn. There are mainly: 100+40D, 200+70D, 300+40D, 300+70D. The covered yarns are divided into empty bags, machine bags and nylon bags. Spandex-cored elastic yarn is formed by covering the spandex filaments with outer fibers. Because of the difference between the two, the use will be different.

The empty bags and machine bag yarns have advantages and disadvantages in weaving in downstream weaving mills. The empty bag generally needs to be sizing when warping on an air jet loom, otherwise the fabric is easy to pick up broken yarns and the like, but the beating can be used directly. From the standpoint of cost alone, the empty bag production capacity is much higher than the machine bag production capacity, which makes the price lower than the machine bag, which is easy to reduce the cost of the downstream weaving mill.

Although the core does not expose the core wire, in general, in addition to twist unevenness, it is not easy to produce quality problems in spinning and weaving, but the output is low, the price is therefore higher than the same specifications of the empty package RMB5000 / T or more, fine denier covered yarn The price is even higher than RMB10,000/T for empty packages of the same specification, which greatly increases the cost of using the machine package.