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Spandex yarns are prone to problems during weaving and printing

Edit:Jiaxing Beimon Trading Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 18, 2018

Spandex core-spun yarns generally have more wefts in the weaving process. There are several kinds of wefts in the finished products: the width of the fabric is narrow and irregular, the fabric surface is uneven, the elasticity is poor, the rebound is not in place, and the fabric is formed. Wide leak (white point).

The reasons for the uneven width and unevenness of fabrics are: In the same batch number, the yarn drafting ratio is different, the yarns are not evenly dry; in the air-jet looms, widths and widths are uneven, and the fabrics are uneven. In the case of double jets, the two jets have different amounts of gas, which are faster or slower during the yarn feeding process. This results in differences in the rebound of the spandex core-spun yarns on the cloth; mixed batch is the most serious one. Ninety-nine percent of the width of the width of the door will be wide; there will be no spandex yarn in the spandex core yarn (we call it hollow yarn). The main reason is that during the spinning process, the wire on the godet is broken and the roller is always Rovings are formed in the yarn.

On the fabric surface, the white spots that appear after dyeing are spandex core-spun yarns. During the production process, the flares and guidewires are not on the same line to form a spandex filament. This is what we call eccentric yarn; The web did not meet the requirements. The narrowing of the door width was mainly due to the elasticity of the spandex core-spun yarn and the too thin warp yarn density. Width widens and the principle is reversed.

When the above situation occurs, it is necessary to communicate with the customer when receiving orders or sales of elastic yarns. It is considered to be good for the door width and the width of the machine door to achieve a wide range of latitude and longitude. During the production process, the spandex yarn mill will adjust the drawdown rate of the spandex yarn on the fabric surface so that it will not affect the finished web width during weaving.